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No more excuses.

Lace up and chase your dreams!

Hi, I'm Sarah.

"My name is Sarah Gagne and I am owner and coach with StrengthnHerSole. My mission is to help clients feel confident and strong in their everyday lives through running"


I believe that when people feel strong and confident, they are more willing to share their voice and gifts with the world; once my clients achieve their desired results through my program, they go on to run strong and live their best lives.

Sarah is a certified Mastery Health & Wellness Coach, a certified Life Coach, a Level II Certified running coach through USA Track and Field, a certified Personal Trainer and a certified Yoga instructor.


How I Can Help You

Health & Wellness

Working with a coach guarantees that you have someone in your corner to help you set realistic goals - and achieve them! A coach will keep you on track, hold you accountable, and cheer you on through the whole process.


Check out my Back to Health options so we can get you feeling fit, strong, and proud of your reflection!

Running Lifestyle

I work with runners of all abilities who are tired of making excuses. I help them lace up and get out the door.

Anyone can write a training plan or download a free one online but a 5k is never just a 5k. I write customized training plans for my athletes (yes you are an athlete!), work to identify and push through limiting beliefs, discover how to properly fuel your body, and get you to the starting line feeling confident, excited, and prepared. As a Running Lifestyle Coach, I help you harness your inner strength to chase your dreams both on and off the pavement.

Workshop & Keynote Speaker

I'm passionate about helping women through their journey in becoming who they've always known they can be. Book me to speak at your next event or run a workshop aimed at supporting women.


Are you looking for a certified life and wellness coach to work with your organization? I can provide targeted presentations to improve the health and wellness of the people you care about most.


Sarah was able to make uncomfortable topics very comfortable to talk about it as she dove into your inner thinking and made you think about things differently in a positive light instead of making things negative.

— Russell S.

Health & Wellness 

Sarah is without exception the most influential and memorable running coach I've had.  I can't say enough positive things about her coaching methods and just the ability she has to make athletes feel good about themselves.

— Mia E.

Running Lifestyle

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